Froth in Yamuna: Devotes offer prayer amid toxic foam as BJP, AAP trade barbs

Pictures and visuals showing devotees offering prayers in the Yamuna river on the occasion of Chhath Puja have surfaced.

This, the toxic foam floating on the surface of the river triggered a political slugfest between the ruling AAP and the BJP in Delhi.

Toxic foam floats on Yamuna river near Kalindi Kunj in Delhi. The national capital's overall air quality is in the 'severe' category today.. Photo ANI


Devotees performing Chhath Puja were forced to take dip in toxic Yamuna. Photo ANI


We know that the Yamuna river water is dirty and it could be hazardous. But there is no option as prayers are offered to the Sun god while standing in flowing waters of a river, says a devotee at the Yamuna ghat near Kalindi Kunj. Photo ANI


Following traditions of Chhath Puja a woman takes a dip in the holy river of Yamuna amid toxic foam in Delhi. Photo ANI


The foam in the Yamuna is at Okhla Barrage area, which comes under UP irrigation govt, it's UP govt's responsibility. But like every year, they failed this year too...The polluted water is not Delhi's, it's a 'gift' to Delhi by UP, Haryana govt, says AAP's Raghav Chadha. Photo ANI


While political parties continue to engage in blame game over frothing in Yamuna, devotees carry on with their rituals, putting their health at risk. Photo Reuters

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