Yamaha R15 V4, R15 M and Aerox 155 India launch LIVE updates: First pics leaked, V4 suffix confirmed

10:54 (IST)

Yamaha R15 V4, R15 M, Aerox 155 launch: Watch it LIVE

You can follow the live stream of the Yamaha launch right here. It begins in five minutes' time. 

10:52 (IST)

Yamaha R15 V4: Bluetooth connectivity confirmed

Another leaked image confirms the Yamaha R15 V4 will have a larger digital instrument cluster with built-in Bluetooth connectivity that will relay SMS and call alerts to the rider. 

10:42 (IST)

Yamaha R15 V4: First image leaked!

Here's a glimpse of the new Yamaha R15 and R15 M in a leaked image, which confirms the bike will sport the 'V4' (Version 4) suffix. As you can see, the R15 will get an upside-down fork for the first time, along with a centre-aligned LED projector headlight. More details coming shortly.

10:37 (IST)

New Yamaha R15: Styling changes due

Yamaha will give the new R15 revised bodywork in the form of a new fairing, redesigned fuel tank and a centre-aligned LED headlight, flanked by LED DRLs like seen in this picture.

10:22 (IST)

New Yamaha R15: A step-up from the V3

Yamaha had launched the R15 V3 (pictured here) in India all the way back in 2018, and the model being rolled out today will be a significant update for this very motorcycle. However, it's unclear if Yamaha intends to use the 'V4' suffix for the new bike. We'll find out shortly!

09:55 (IST)

New Yamaha R15 launch: Let's begin!

Good morning, folks, and welcome to Tech2's live coverage of the launch of three new Yamahas, including the new R15. Stay tuned as we bring you all the updates LIVE from the launch event.

Today is the day – Yamaha India is all set to launch not one, not two, but three new 155 cc models this morning. Yamaha has been busy readying a heavily updated version of its 155 cc sportbike, the R15. It’s expected to get revised bodywork with a new centre-aligned LED headlight (flanked by LED DRLs), a bigger windscreen, a redesigned fuel tank, new seats, an upside-down fork and Bluetooth connectivity.

Yamaha is also likely to introduce an ‘M’ version of the R15, which is set to get a different colour scheme and some additional features.

However, Yamaha also intends to surprise one and all at the launch of the R15 and R15 M with the introduction of its first high-capacity scooter for the Indian market – the Aerox 155. The Aerox is known as the scooter with the R15’s engine, and while that is true, the Aerox will be slightly less powerful than the R15.

It gets LED lighting, a 25-litre underseat storage compartment, Bluetooth connectivity and rides on 14-inch wheels at either end. It will certainly be one of the quickest scooters on sale in India, and will rival the Aprilia SXR 160.

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