Krafton introduces a 24-hour security system to automatically ban illegal accounts in real-time

Some new features are expected to be updated on the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), as per the latest post on the game's developer, Krafton's website. The company is currently looking at the possibilities to open the BP Shop and include a Hindi voice pack. However, it added that there is no plan of adding a 30-day Room card to Battlegrounds Mobile India. The company is also working on making customer service respond faster and eliminating bugs.


It will also introduce Prime Subscriptions and Challenge in Battlegrounds Mobile India. With Prime Subscription, players will receive rewards in the subsequent stages of the play.

Krafton has also confirmed the inclusion of weapon skins in crates or roulettes; and has also run the users briefly through all its ongoing efforts to detect and ban cheaters in the game. According to the company, the game has a 24-hour security system to automatically ban illegal accounts in real-time. It also notifies the players informing them of the real-time sanctions levied on the game defaulters and cheaters. Backing the security concerns, it will release an anti-cheat notice weekly on the website about the number of accounts sanctioned. Players are now allowed to report cheaters by contacting customer service through in-game Settings.

“In addition to the system, we regularly search and investigate the promotion/ use of illegal programs on websites including YouTube, and manually sanctioning them. Any channels that are advertising/ promoting the use of illegal programs, we are working hard to block them,” said the post.

Krafton also shared that an emulator version of Battlegrounds Mobile India may not be released given its increased chances of illegal actions such as falsification.

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