Google Meet adds auto-brightness feature for web version: How to use it

Google Meet has added a new auto-brightness feature to its web version to correct bad lighting during video calls. This comes in addition to the low-light mode for the video calling platform's Android and iOS users that was launched last year. The new feature will automatically detect poor lighting conditions when enabled and will then improve the brightness levels for visually better video calls.

Google Meet

Anyone using Google Meet for Web can enable the feature and there is no admin control as such for the auto-brightness feature. It is available for desktop users and even iOS users who use Google Meet for Web via their iPhones. The feature is said to be available for all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers.

In order to enable it, people can head to the More section on Google Meet, tap on the Settings options, select the Video, and finally enable the Adjust video lighting option.

Once enabled, Google Meet will automatically increase the brightness. If not enabled and the users are underexposed, it will recommend them to enable the video lighting adjustment feature.

However, the tech giant has warned that the feature can take a toll on the speed of the computer or the laptop. Hence, people can easily disable the feature if they do not want their PCs to turn slow.

The video lighting adjustment feature has already started rolling out and will be eventually available for all users to try out.

To recall, Google Meet launched its low-light mode, which performs the same function, last year for its iOS and Android mobile apps. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI), it automatically adjusts the video's brightness in case people are in a dark environment. A noise cancellation feature was also present to filter out background distractions for interruption-free video calling.

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