French astronaut's 'space workout' video aboard ISS leaves Netizens stunned; watch viral clip here

Ever wondered what exercising in space looks like? Well, astronaut Thomas Pesquet has the answer. The French astronaut posted a video of himself working out at the International Space Station (ISS). The video went viral on the internet, with users being stunned by Pesquet’s routine.

The 41-second clip shows Pesquet using some heavy equipment to perform squats. The astronaut captioned the video as “space workout, anyone?”

The astronaut is currently based in the ISS on Mission Alpha, his second space mission after Mission Proxima, which had a duration of six months.

Pesquet’s video of his space workout went viral on the Internet, with people being stunned by his dedication to exercise, even while he was based in outer space. Several users also compared the 43-year-old to Goku, a fictional character from Dragonball Z. The video has received over 1 lakh views on Twitter and Instagram.

Several users were also wondering how the ISS managed the increased sweat and humidity that were the result of exercising. According to News18, the ISS has atmospheric control systems installed on it, which create an Earth-like atmosphere aboard the space station. This system takes care of all atmospheric conditions on the ISS, enabling astronauts like Pesquet to exercise without any side effects.

Pesquet has often been in the news for his social media posts. The astronaut has posted breath-taking images of Earth as seen from the ISS. Recently, he posted images of the city of Los Angeles as seen from space.

Pesquet boasts of a significant social media following due to his interesting posts. In August, the astronaut had also posted videos of a pizza party in space. The ‘floating pizza night’ left social media users stunned as the astronauts tried to eat a pizza in zero gravity. The clip ended with the group holding on to their pizzas and having a blast as they enjoyed the pizzas in outer space.

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