Audi grandsphere concept revealed ahead of IAA 2021 premiere, previews future luxury flagship

Audi has revealed first pictures of the Audi grandsphere concept ahead of its world premiere at IAA 2021. Audi claims that the 17.6-feet-long grandsphere sedan aims to provide a first-class flight-like experience that blends the luxury of private travel at the highest of comfort with a comprehensive onboard experience. Audi skysphere, Audi grandsphere and Audi urbansphere are the three concept cars that Audi is using to showcase its vision of progressive luxury. In the process, Audi is creating a vehicle experience that goes far beyond the purpose of merely spending time in a to get from point A to point B, and even far beyond the driving experience itself.

The Audi grandsphere occupies a unique position as the second of three "sphere" concept vehicles from Audi. That's because the technology and design elements integrated into it will appear in future Audi models within a few years. The Audi grandsphere concept exemplifies the brand's claim to be the leader in technology change and entirely new, comprehensive mobility options at the top of the automobile industry.

The grandsphere is a glimpse of what one can expect from the successor to the Audi A8. Image: Audi

Level 4 automatic driving unlocks new levels of freedom: without a steering wheel, pedals, or displays, the cabin transforms into a vast field of experience. And the front seats transform into a first-class lounge with more room, better views, and access to all of the capabilities of the Audi grandsphere's complete digital environment. Audi claims the grandsphere concept transforms from being strictly an automobile into an "experience device."

The 800-volt charging technology lies at the heart of the driving system. This technology, like that of the Audi e-tron GT before it, guarantees that the battery can be charged at fast-charging stations with up to 270 kW in a short amount of time. The Audi grandsphere concept is unquestionably appropriate for long journeys, with a range of more than 750 kilometres, depending on the motor system and power output chosen.

This method allows for charging durations that are comparable to a refuelling stop for a vehicle with a traditional engine. It takes just 10 minutes to charge the battery to the point where it can bless the vehicle with a driving range of 300 kilometres. Audi says the grandsphere’s 120 kWh battery can be charged from five percent to 80 percent in less than 25 minutes.

The driving controls in the grandsphere tuck away when not needed to create a 'lounge-like' ambience. Image: Audi

Audi has further stated that the options on the grandsphere are virtually infinite thanks to Audi's own services and the ability to connect digital services. These may be used to access a range of services linked to the current journey, such as creating a stunning scenic route or selecting a or accommodation. The vehicle also handles mundane duties that aren't related to the journey. The autonomous Audi grandsphere concept, for example, picks up passengers with information about their present location and manages to and charge on its own.

There are parts that are clearly delineated and sedate, with high-quality materials. As wall cladding, seat coverings, and carpeting, wood and wool, synthetic textile materials, and metal are visible and pleasant to touch. Many of these materials, such as the hornbeam veneers, are created from recycled raw materials or originate from sustainable agriculture. The Audi grandsphere has no leather, which is in keeping with a modern notion of luxury, which is always inextricably linked to sustainability.

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