Twitter revamps its web and mobile app UI with proprietary Chirp font, new colour palette and more

Twitter has redesigned its website and mobile app UI with a new font, colour palettes, reduced visual clutter and more. The highlight of this new look is the new font called "Chirp" which was introduced back in January this year. It is Twitter's first proprietary typeface and has been rolled out for the website, iOS and Android devices.

Twitter will now use "Chirp" font for its website, iOS and Android app.

With this font, all western-language text will now align left while the non-western languages will remain unchanged. Prior to this, Twitter used fonts like SF Pro, Roboto and Helvetica Neue. According to a tweet by Twitter Design, "these updates make us more accessible, unique, and focused on you and what you’re talking about.

Twitter has also refreshed the colours of its buttons like "Follow" so that they are more high-contrast. This will make them stand out. Users will also see a lot less blue colour now so that more attention can be paid to photos and videos that they create and share. The platform has announced to soon roll out a fresh colour palette as well.

Lastly, Twitter also claims to have removed "visual clutter" from the platform. This includes fewer gray backgrounds and divider lines. Twitter has also increased space between text to make it more readable.

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