Microsoft temporarily stops Windows 365 free trials due to 'significant demand'

Microsoft owned Windows' new service Windows 365 was paused a day after its launch on the cloud. Microsoft announced that the reason behind the sudden pause was "significant demand" for the free trial. “Following significant demand, we have reached capacity for Windows 365 trials," the company confirmed on Twitter. It has currently asked users to sign up on the Windows 365 webpage. They will receive the notification when the trials resume.

Windows 365

Microsoft has not yet given any details on the capacity of users reached before 365's free trials pause. Nor has it confirmed if it would continue to back users signing up for the free trial program.

The company launched Windows 365 to cater to the rising demand for PCs. The service can be accessed on a web browser running on any device that supports Windows, Mac, iPad, and Android. Through this service, users can select from a variety of configurations, starting with one virtual processor core, 2 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of storage. With this service, users get a full-fledged computing experience with several virtual CPUs, RAM, and more such features. Windows 365 allows cloud computing based on Windows 10 or Windows 11 (once available) on a web browser, offering user accessibility to a separate Windows PC over the cloud.

Windows 365 plans start at a monthly price of $20 (roughly Rs 1,500) onwards and go up to $162 (roughly Rs 12,000) per user. Windows 365 is meant for businesses for now. The service seems to have gained much more popularity than the company had initially anticipated.

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