Facebook revamps Settings page of the mobile app for better user experience

Facebook has announced a few changes for its Android, iOS, mobile web and FB Lite users. These changes are majorly in the app's setting menu. "We strive to design products and features with privacy in mind. Part of that means making information and tools accessible and easy to find. We’re confident this new settings page will make it easier for people to visit their settings, find what they came for, and make the changes they want", states the company blog.

Facebook app redesign. Image: Facebook

The settings menu is redesigned to make it more simplified. Earlier, the settings were spread across different sections, but now to make it less confusing, they will be divided into fewer categories. These categories include Account, Preferences, Audience and Visibility, Permissions, Your Information, and Community Standards and Legal Policies.

Users will also get a new shortcut for Privacy Checkup that will be placed on the top of the Settings page. The News Feed setting is now available under the "Preferences". It was previously placed under a smaller category. Facebook has also announced a few improvements for the settings search function so that the users can easily find the settings even if they don't know the exact name or location of the setting they are looking for.

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