Apple might replace notch with an 'expandable display' that hides front camera: Report

The notch will continue to be a part of the iPhone 13 series, however, Apple may experiment with it by not including the front-facing camera in its future phones, a new patent suggests. The new patent was discovered by Patently Apple and it shows an 'expandable display' with the capacity to hide the Face ID elements, front-facing camera, and more when unused.

iPhone 11

This was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and it refers to the technology as "adjustable display windows", with two different ways of achieving this effect, the patent says.

The first is a flap with a flexible display, rotating on a hinge to open up wherever the camera faces. This would be visible only when the user needs to use the front camera. The second idea is that of a moveable display, sliding down to make the components of the camera visible. These may be placed near the top of the screen, similar to that in the iPhone 12 series. iPhone 13 series may have a glass display.

Some leaked rumors suggest that iPhone 13 may be unveiled next month, with a notch on all four handsets. It is expected to be 30 percent slimmer than previous iPhone models. This suggests that there would be more screen space available as the notch may take a lesser room on the top of it. However, a lot of the screen displays will be occupied by this technology.

Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that the 2022 iPhone series may have a punch-hole design for its camera and that Apple may use under-display selfie camera technology, which, currently, is only available on ZTE smartphones like the Axon 20. The American giant may use the under-display camera technology in 2022, 2023, reported 9to5 Mac

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