YouTube acquires Simsim, an Indian e-commerce platform, to help people find and buy products

YouTube, with an aim to further help people buy different products, has acquired the Indian e-commerce platform called Simsim. This is specifically to encourage people that they buy stuff from local businesses, thus, helping them grow. As per the company, YouTube's acquisition of Simsim will help small businesses reach more customers in India.

Youtube on iOS. Image: Pixabay

For those who don't know, Simsim is a platform that works on videos. People make video reviews of products by various small businesses and post them for others to see. This allows people to make a choice and directly buy the product from the Simsim app.

These videos are available in three Indian languages (Hindi, Tamil and Bengali) to help retailers reach people in their preferred language, thus, making a better impact.

Even after getting acquired by YouTube, the app will continue to work and won't go anywhere.

In a joint statement, Simsim co-founders, Amit Bagaria, Kunal Suri and Saurabh Vashishtha said, “We started Simsim with the mission of helping users across India shop online with ease, enabled through small sellers and brands showcasing and selling their products using the power of content by trusted influencers. Being a part of the YouTube and Google ecosystem furthers Simsim in its mission”.

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