Realme India launch LIVE updates: Realme Beard Trimmer Plus with 120 minute runtime, 40 length settings, unveiled

12:58 (IST)

Realme says the Beard Trimmer Plus comes with 'self-sharpening blades'

It uses two stainless steel blades. The trimmer is IPX7 water resistant and can be washed almost completely. 

12:57 (IST)

Realme Beard Trimmer Plus use a Type-C port for charging, and the trimmer can be used while charging as well

12:55 (IST)

The Realme Beard Trimmer comes with a 120 minute runtime with an 800 mAh battery

12:54 (IST)

Realme Beard Trimmer Plus comes with 40 length settings 

12:53 (IST)

Coming back to Realme, the company is launched the Beard Trimmer series today, which will include the Beard Trimmer and Beard Trimmer+

12:51 (IST)

DIZO Wireless launched at Rs 1,499

First sale starts on 7 July at 12 pm on Flipkart. 

On the first day of sale, DIZO Wireless will be available at Rs 1,299.

12:50 (IST)

DIZO GoPods D launched at Rs 1,599

The sale for the TWS starts on 14 July at 12 pm on Flipkart.

On the first day of sale, the earbuds will be available at Rs 1,399. 

12:48 (IST)

Next up by DIZO is Wireless, a neckband earphone

The DIZO wireless comes in four colour variants. It uses the OnePlus Bullet-like magnetic fast pair technology. 

It is equipped with an 11.2 mm driver with bass boost+ algorithm.

The neckband features a 150 mAh battery with up to 17 hours battery life. It supports a Type-C charger. 

The DIZO Wireless also come with a Game Mode and offer up to 88 ms low latency. 

The neckband earphones also come wth environmental noise cancellation. It has the IPX4 water resistance certifications. It works with the Realme Link app.

12:43 (IST)

DIZO GoPods D unveiled

The TWS earbuds use a metallic texture. A single earbud of GoPods D weigh 4.1 g and along with the case, the earbuds weigh 39g. 

The GoPods D are equipped with 10 mm bass boost driver and Bluetooth 5.0. 

The earuds can offer up to 20 hours of playback time with charging case, and 5 hours without them. For gamers, the GoPods D come with a Game Mode wherein it can work with 110 ms latency. 

The GoPods D also feaures environmental noise cancelling, and smart touch control. 

DIZO GoPods D features can also be customised using the Realme Link app. 

The earbuds are IPX4 water resistant. 

12:36 (IST)

Dizo is the first brand under Realme's TechLife platform

12:35 (IST)

Realme aims to launch 100 new products in 2021

12:34 (IST)

Realme's Link app now has over 2 million users

12:34 (IST)

Realme announces it 1+5+T AIoT device strategy under the Realme TechLife banner 

1 stands for phones, 5 stands for AIoT products like TWS earbuds, laptops, TVs, and T stands for TechLife, Realme's open partner platform. 

12:31 (IST)

The launch event is now live!

12:23 (IST)

The Realme launch event will be live in a few minutes from now

You can watch the livestream here:

11:45 (IST)

Realme Buds 2 Neo to be launched in India on 1 July at Rs 599, reveals Flipkart listing- Technology News, Firstpost

11:43 (IST)

Among the handful of products to be announced today, Realme Buds 2 Neo is one

Realme has already teased that the earphones will come with an 11.2 mm Dynamic Driver.

11:40 (IST)

10:00 (IST)

Hey there! The launch event will kick off in an hour – 12.30 pm IST

But you don't go anywhere! Stay tuned as we look at everything we expect from the launch event today.

Realme, with Dizo, is hosting an event in India today, 1 July, to launch the new 'TechLife Products' in the market. Realme has already teased that at the event, it will unveil the Realme Buds 2 Neo, Realme Hair Dryer and Realme Beard trimmer. The launch even will kick off at 12.30 pm IST and will be streamed live.

Realme Beard Trimmer Plus expected features

Realme will also launch Realme Beard Trimmer Plus at the event. It will come with "40 different length settings, 10 mm and 20 mm combs with 0.5 mm precision". It will also come with an 800 mAh battery that charges in 120 minutes. With the help of the reversible Type-C charging port, users will be able to charge it via mobile charger or power bank. It will also come with an IPX7 water resistance rating.

Realme Buds 2 Neo

Realme Buds 2 Neo expected specifications and features

As per the company microsite, Realme Buds 2 Neo will come with  11.2 mm dynamic drivers and a 1 m cable. It also features a microphone that will allow users to answer and take calls. It features silicone earbuds and a 90-degree headphone jack. Realme Buds 2 Neo weighs 14 gm. A Flipkart listing has revealed that the earbuds might be priced at Rs 599 in India.

Realme Hair Dryer expected specifications

Realme confirms that the upcoming Realme Hair Dryer will come in a white colour option. As per the microsite, it "dries your hair in 5 minutes". The dryer will come with a 19,000 rpm fan speed, 13.9 m/s wind speed and takes up 1,400 W power.

For people concerned about hair damage, it operates at less than 55 degrees of temperature. It features four physical buttons that include Cold Air Button, Soft Air Button and Off. The dryer also comes with inlet mesh, nylon mesh and air inlet grille.

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