Instagram Reels can now be a full 60 seconds in length, twice the previous limit

Instagram is now letting users create considerably longer Reels clips. The social media platform has increased the time limit for clips uploaded as Reels to a full minute. This is double the previous limit of 30 seconds.

You can now make a minute-long Instagram Reel

Instagram, via its Twitter handle, made the announcement of the change. At the time Reels was introduced, videos could only be 15 seconds long. This was later doubled to 30 seconds.

This change allows creators more time to produce different types of content for viewers, and will boost engagement.

For those uninitiated, TikTok, the social media platform that fueled the rise of short video content, recently increased the time limit for videos on its platform to three minutes.

When it was launched, Instagram Reels was meant only for 15-second-long videos.

To recap, Instagram Reels was launched last year as an alternative to TikTok that is banned in India.

The Reels section can be accessed via the Stories section within the app. People can tap on the shutter button to make short videos for Reels and add filters, music and more effects. They can increase or decrease the speed of the video, too.

Instagram has also introduced new features for teenagers to make the platform safer for them. By default, users aged under 16 will have their account type set to private.

The platform also has new features to detect suspicious accounts and take necessary action against them and change the way advertisers contact individuals under the age of 18.

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