Instagram is reportedly working on an 'Exclusive Stories' service for subscribers

Similar to Twitter's Super Follows service, Instagram is reportedly working on 'Exclusive Stories' for subscribers.

This means, Instagram may soon launch a subscription model, wherein, users will be able to access some exclusive content by their favourite creators.

Twitter user Alessandro Paluzzi first spotted this Instagram feature being tested.

As per the screenshots shared by Paluzzi, similar to the Closed Friends icon on stories (which is green), Exclusive stories will have the star icon on the top right, except it will be purple.

Paluzzi's tweets also hint that with the subscription model, users may have to sign up to different pages and accounts, separately. Reportedly, creators will see a subscribe button next to the 'Edit profile', 'Add Shop', 'Promotion' and other options on the profile.

This model will allow creators to directly monetise their content on the platform.

Twitter is currently testing its Super Follows service as well. From what we know so far, the service will be limited to users with more than 10,000 followers, who have posted at least 25 tweets in past 30 days, and are 18 years or older. Super Follows users will reportedly be able to make money for every new person who subscribes to them. Super Follows service will essentially let users subscribe to exclusive content by creators and get labels of Super Followers.

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