How the MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI Chip Allows Nord 2 to support powerful AI features

Smartphone chipsets, unlike the CPUs and GPUs we find in PCs, are more modular and flexible. These chipsets are built on an easily licensable architecture that presents chipset and smartphone makers more options when it comes to design, and gives them the option to tailor a design to their specific needs. With the Nord 2 and the Dimensity 1200-AI chip, that’s precisely what has happened.

On paper, the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 is a very powerful chip. It’s packing in an 8-core CPU (in a 1+3+4 config, more on that later), a Mali-G77 MC9 GPU, support for quad-channel memory, dual-channel UFS 3.1 storage (capable of 1.7 Gbps data transfer rates), dual SIM 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and a whole lot else besides.

What OnePlus brought to the mix: Better AI

The specs above only apply to the regular Dimensity 1200 chipset. OnePlus partnered with MediaTek to take this same design and amp up its AI features, integrating optimizations for display quality and image processing. The result is the Dimensity 1200-AI chipset that will debut in the OnePlus Nord 2.

Specifically, the Nord 2-Dimensity 1200-AI pairing enables features like AI Resolution Boost and AI Color Boost for a better display experience, AI photo and video enhancement features, a more powerful night mode called Nightscape Ultra, better image stabilization, faster image processing for lag-free shooting, and more.

Hardware acceleration for software features like these usually result in better efficiency and battery life when performing these tasks, but we don’t yet have any data from OnePlus or MediaTek on this front.

An AR experience for all, and a chance to win a Nord 2!

With the technical stuff out of the way, let’s move on to something more fun. OnePlus has announced a ‘Fast & Smooth AR challenge’ that runs from 12-30 July. It’s a simple, fun AR gaming experience that anyone can check out with just a smartphone and internet connectivity.

The challenge comprises two games, a ‘90 Hz Pinball Challenge’ running from 12-30 July, and a ‘One Day Power Challenge’ running from 22-30 July. Winners are entered into a lucky draw and stand to win a Nord 2 smartphone and a whole range of goodies.

The Pinball challenge only requires that you navigate the ‘fast and smooth’ lane to hit a target of 90 Hz in the designated time. The One Day Power Challenge will get you to charge as many as 30 phones within a set time limit.

To participate, simply head to head here right now via Chrome or Safari on your smartphone. There’s no sign-up or login necessary and all you’ll need to do is give your browser permission to use your camera, motion, and orientation sensors.

You can play as many times as you want and 2,000+ winners will be selected by 30 July.

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