Facebook is currently testing Twitter-like ‘Thread’ feature for a small group of 'public figures': Report

Just like Twitter’s thread feature, Facebook too is now testing the ability to club a series of posts together. The social media giant had recently added support for Live Audio Rooms to replicate functionality from Clubhouse. Facebook’s ‘Thread’ feature is reportedly still under development and will take some time for a stable rollout.

Image: Reuters.

Known social media consultant Matt Navara shared a screenshot of the feature, confirming the update. The screenshots show the threads that would allow users to “add another post to any previous one to create a thread". All the posts with the same audience will be clubbed under a single thread.

Originally, threads on Twitter were because of limited characters per post, which let users tweet long messages in multiple tweets in a thread. Whereas, Facebook has a limit of 63,206 characters in each post. The upcoming thread feature could prove beneficial during live events, where a visual indicator will be able to link the continuity of a series of posts.

The feature is expected to come with a new "View Post Thread" option which may allow users to identify posts in the correct order in a thread. Facebook has given a confirmation to TechCrunch that the new thread feature for posts is being tested for a small group of “public figures”.

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