Clubhouse's Indian alternative, Leher app witnesses surge in cryptocurrency-related discussions

Amid the growing trend of Crypto in India, Bengaluru-based social networking platform Leher is witnessing a continuous surge in cryptocurrency-related discussions. The discussions happening on the platform usually revolve around ways to invest in crypto, blockchain technology, crypto regulations in India, its scope, prospects of crypto investments, and more.

In January this year, Facebook prohibited all ads on its platform that promote cryptocurrency.

Last year in March, the Supreme Court lifted the RBI banking ban on crypto trading where it focused on alternative regulatory measures. Since then, the crypto discussions have grown multi-folds in the country. Recently, India ranked 11 in the list of global crypto adoption by a Chainalysis report. On a daily basis, the country has a user base of 10 million crypto users.

Speaking about the ongoing Crypto discussions on the app, Vikas Malpani, Co-Founder and CEO of Leher said, “Although a lucrative option, the majority of the Indian audience is still naive when it comes to knowledge and awareness around crypto investments. These discussions on the Leher app are helping people to seek a better understanding with experts”.

Known as the Indian alternative to New York-based audio platform Clubhouse, Leher offers people with similar interests and preferences to connect, learn, discuss ideas, and build fruitful relationships. The app currently has a user base of 2.30 lakh which is doubling every month. Users are usually spending about 15 minutes to two hours on the app. It is available on both Android and iOS and has a 4.3 rating out of 5 on Google Play Store.

Users can use the app by signing up with their Facebook account, Gmail account, or their phone number. After signing up, the app redirects the user to a screen with interest areas to select from. Like other social media platforms, users also have the option to follow each other and send direct messages.

Unlike Clubhouse, Leher can be used by anyone, however, an invite is needed for private clubs. The app is also working on multiple monetisation models to allow content creators and curators to monetize their audience and collaborate with brands, Vikas revealed.

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