Battlegrounds Mobile India now available on Android: How to transfer PUBG Mobile data to the game

Battlegrounds Mobile India, which was recently released as a beta, is now officially available for Android users. The battle royale game is now available to download from the Google Play Store and those who have the beta version can simply update it. This is good news as the game will be free from issues seen in the beta. However, it is revealed that the ability to transfer PUBG Mobile data to BGMI will be shut temporarily, starting 6 July.

Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Krafton has released an official word regarding this on the Battlegrounds Mobile India website. It is revealed that the functionality will be stopped from tomorrow (6 July) until further notice. However, there's no word on why this decision has been taken.

For those who wish to transfer their data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India, it's time to do it right now.

[hq]How to transfer PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India[/hq]

[hans][hstep]Step 1: Open the Battlegrounds Mobile India app on your Android phone[/hstep]

[hstep]Step 2: Accept the privacy policies. Once done, you will be taken to a page to log into your account[/hstep]

[hstep]Step 3: You can choose to log in via Facebook or Twitter. Once done, accept the Terms and Service[/hstep]

[hstep]Step 4: You will now see an ‘Account Data Transfer’ pop-up. Tap on the ‘Yes’ option[/hstep]

[hstep]Step 5: Now, you will be asked to provide your consent for the data transfer, select ‘Yes'[/hstep]

[hstep]Step 6: Following this, you need to approve of the data being transferred from Proxima Beta Pvt Limited (operator of PUBG Mobile) to Krafton (operator of Battlegrounds Mobile India)[/hstep]

[hstep]Step 7: You will now be taken to a login page, which needs to be logged in with your credentials[/hstep]

[hstep]Step 8: Lastly, you will once again have to agree to the whole process and by selecting the ‘Yes’ option and the process will start[/hstep][/hans]

For those who don't know, the data transfer process helps people transfer their inventory, skins, and more to Battlegrounds Mobile India, which is now playable in India.

If you don't have the app, you just need to head to the Google Play Store, look for the game, and tap on the Install option to get it on your phone.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently available for Android users and there's no word on its availability for iOS users.

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