Android TV gets new features including Immersive Detail Pages, improved Watchlist, Tune recommendations, and more

Starting this week, Google TV will be offering its services to Android TV. The features include a Watchlist, improved recommendations, and detail pages, and so on. Google shared the update on the Android TV community forum. Amir F, Google's Android TV community manager shared a post on the new features of Android TV that are set to make the users' experience “more immersive and helpful than ever”.

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The "Discover" tab now allows you to see your current watchlist as a row. You can now add new content to the current watchlist by long-pressing on the "Add to Watchlist" option available on the Android TV “Discover” tab. You can add and remove the content from your watchlist from other devices, including your smartphone or laptop, via Google Search or the Google TV mobile app.

Another feature added to Google TV is the ability to “tune” your recommendations. You can like or dislike any content based on your preferences which will be further used by Google TV to improve your recommendations on the “Discover” tab. You can also access it by going to Settings > Device Preferences > Home Screen > Content Preferences. You can then click on the left and right buttons on your remote to filter through the recommendations. The left button says “Less like this” while the right button says “More like this”.

Lastly, Google TV is adding a tab called “Immersive Detail Pages” to Android TV, which will essentially have the trailers playing on the home screen when you access specific content. These trailers will play automatically as soon as you open the details page. This is an optional feature that can be turned off in the Settings.

To turn them off, you can go to Settings > Device Preferences > Home Screen and turn off “Enable video previews”.

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