Tinder now allows users to block personal contacts on the app: How it works

Tinder now allows users to block personal contacts on the app. The feature lets users block contacts they would not like to come across while checking out the app. In a survey conducted by Tinder, it was found that 40 percent of respondents encountered their ex-partner’s profile on a dating app while 24 percent came across the profile of their friends or family members. The survey also found that 78 percent of the participants would prefer to not witness profiles of their contacts or not let others see their profiles.

Tinder’s new feature will ensure users don't get stuck in an awkward encounter with a family member/former partner or friend.

Now you can block your ex on Tinder.

[hq]Tinder users can follow these steps to access the new feature and block personal contacts:[/hq]

[hans][hstep]Step 1: Open Tinder and tap the profile icon[/hstep]

[hstep]Step 2: Select “Settings”[/hstep]

[hstep]Step 3: Scroll down and select “Block Contacts”[/hstep]

[hstep]Step 4: Grant Tinder permission to access your contacts[/hstep]

[hstep]Step 5: Under the “Contacts” tab, select those people who you want to avoid from your contact list[/hstep]

[hstep]Step 6: Now tap on “Block Contact”[/hstep][/hans]

You can also manually upload a contact to block them by following steps 1 to 3 and then tap on the + icon and enter the contact details of the person you would like to block.

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