Imagine What You Can Do with 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor-based Laptops

Confused about which laptop to buy? Finding the right laptop that meets all your needs can often be tricky. Enhanced responsiveness, good connectivity, immersive audio, power-packed display, and thin and light designs are all required to move freely and stay entertained and productive wherever we are. Discover how the innovative features built into the latest laptops powered by 11th Gen Intel® Core™ can help you find the device that’s just right for you.

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Do More of What You Love, Faster & Smarter
Whether you want to create or consume, the latest AI capabilities built into 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors are designed to help you enjoy better, faster experiences!
For instance, imagine your work involves image editing. Can your laptop help you reduce the workload? With the new 11th Gen Intel Core processor, you definitely can. Tag photos intelligently to find images faster, colorize a black & white photo in just a click, enhance photo resolutions by upscaling images automatically, and do so much more.
Now, what if you are a video editor? How can you use these new processors to work faster without compromising on quality? This is where intelligent performance comes into play. Create the best video ever with smoother 4K edits with full-frame editing and playback, change aspect ratios without losing focus, and experience one-click subject selection to create unique video thumbnails… all in quick time.

Or, are you somebody who just can’t get enough of your favourite shows? Now, you can take lifestyle streaming to the next level with the 11th Gen Intel Core processor. And what’s more, you can even experience amazing capabilities like automatic background removal during video calls, creating HDR panoramas seamlessly and making use of content-aware fill to create your perfect shot.

Next-Level Integrated Graphics for Stunning Visual Experiences
Have you ever felt like you are missing out on a theatre-like visual experience when you watch a film on your laptop? You don’t need to worry anymore. Laptops powered by 11th Gen Intel Core processors with Intel® Iris® Xe graphics deliver brilliant visuals with support for billions of colors, HDR10, Dolby Atmos sound, and long playback of Dolby Vision-enabled content with hardware acceleration.

And when it comes to gaming, the Iris Xe graphics delivers a whole level of performance for laptop gamers. Play high-end games in up to 1080p at 30 FPS or more in full-HD and enjoy an amazingly immersive experience. The Iris Xe graphics also helps you to complete creative projects with blazing speed powered by unique hardware accelerated AI, all in a sleek, thin & light laptop with leading performance — whether plugged-in or unplugged.

Best-in-Class Connectivity for an Amazing PC Experience
Are you someone who need fast, reliable connection wherever you go? If so, you need the best connectivity options available. Get ready for lightning-fast gigabit Wi-Fi speeds and convenient single-cable connections. Charge fast, transfer data at lightning-fast speeds, and connect external monitors and storage with a single cable. Get best-in-class Wi-Fi for video conferencing, playing real-time games, and seamlessly streaming the latest movies from any room of the house.1

1Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) products enable the fastest possible maximum speed for typical laptop Wi-Fi products. Thunderbolt™ 4 is the fastest port available on a laptop, at 40 Gb/s, as compared to other laptop I/O connection technologies including eSATA,

This article has been created by the Studio18 team on behalf of Intel

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