Facebook F8 Refresh: WhatsApp Business gets new features to make messaging more efficient

At the Facebook F8 Refresh this year, the company announced new features for WhatsApp Business users that will help them to interact with their customers more efficiently. WhatsApp will now allow users to send several types of messages, including allowing businesses to send alerts for product restock. WhatsApp wants to create periodic updates for businesses, just like we see regular updates from government sources related to health during the ongoing pandemic.

Image: WhatsApp

In addition to this, WhatsApp for business will now get a list of up to 10 templates that can come in handy for users while responding to texts on the platform. They can just choose one from the three options, tap on "reply" and that is it. It will save some time in case they dont want to type out the answer. As per WhatsApp, "Businesses can create and maintain options in advance from their WhatsApp Business API account."

As per a statement by WhatsApp, " Customers have to take the initiative to talk to a business. If customers want the business to contact them on WhatsApp, then they will also have to request it. Along with these updates, we're also improving the feedback option so that people can share their experience with you if they ever block a business."

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