Clubhouse crosses 20 lakh downloads on Google Play Store since its launch on Android two weeks ago

Initially available for just iOS users, the Clubhouse app was rolled out for Android users just two weeks ago. In this short period, the app has already crossed the 20 lakh downloads benchmark on Google Play Store. The company announced this news on Twitter revealing that it clocked 1 million downloads in the first week of the app's launch on Google Play Store.

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Image: Tech2/Nandini Yadav

Similar to iOS users, on Clubhouse, Android users also need an invite link to join the app. Users can also register and wait on the waitlist where existing users can invite them to join the app.

Once you enter, you will need to select a group or chatrooms of topics that you are interested in. Notably, the app has three types of rooms for its users. The 'Open' chatrooms are the ones where anyone can join without any permission. The 'Social' chatrooms are for the followers of the users and 'Closed' chatrooms are for invited guests only.

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