Upcoming Apple Watch models may let you monitor blood glucose, alcohol, blood pressure levels

The future Apple Watch models could include the ability to measure blood glucose level, blood pressure, alcohol level monitoring, among other things.. As per an SEC filing (via The Telegraph), Apple is most likely to add a glucometer in its future Apple Watch for users to measure blood sugar levels. This will be helpful for people with diabetes. Apple is reportedly one of the major clients for the UK health tech firm Rockley Photonics, which focuses on tracking blood glucose levels.

Apple Watch (Representational Image)

Currently, checking a person’s blood sugar level requires the use of test strips and blood each time. If the glucometer makes it to the Apple Watch and turns out to be accurate, it can help people take the reading with utmost convenience.

This comes after the Cupertino tech major, back in February, filed for a patent regarding the inclusion of a blood sugar monitor in an Apple Watch. The patent has been titled “Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging In Dynamic Environments With Performance Enhancements using Ambient Sensors”.

Apart from this, the future Apple Watch, which could be the Apple Watch Series 7, could come with the ability to keep an eye on the alcohol levels and blood pressure of a person.

All this will be in addition to the Apple Watch features that monitor the heart rate, blood oxygen level, and ECG.


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