Nintendo Switch announces Game Builder Garage that will let children make their own games

From 11 June, kids will learn how to make their own games for Switch, thanks to Nintendo's Game Builder Garage. The subscription fee to access the service is $29.99 and the tool is available in select countries. Nintendo has released a teaser, an educational tool for the Game Builder Garage. The gaming company made the announcement of the launch through their official Twitter handle on 6 May. The tool has been described as a game design and visual programming tool which has step-by-step lessons created by minds at Nintendo.

Game Builder Garage. Image: Nintendo

Using the help of shapes and objects, kids can design games in Nintendo Switch. There are several features in the Game Builder Garage that can be used to create games, the first one being adding player controls. The stick can be assigned to deliver a function, the same way as the buttons on the player remote can be assigned to perform different functions. The Game Builder Garage also has the option to put effects in the game that the kid has designed.

Game Builder Garage lets up to 8 players play the game together. Kids can invite their friends through code and build the game with them. The languages supported by the game are Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, and Chinese.

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