Google I/O 2021: Google aims to build a new commercial quantum computer by 2029

Google may finally complete building an "error-corrected quantum computer" by the end of this decade or by 2029. It also unveiled its Quantum AI campus that will aim for a large-scale business, error-free scientific calculations, and employment of hundreds of people. It also aims to accelerate solutions for some of the world’s major concerns like sustainable energy, reduced emissions to feed the world’s growing population, and unlocking new scientific discoveries such as better functioning Artificial Intelligence (AI). On Tuesday, the new Google Quantum AI campus in Santa Barbara, California was introduced at the company's annual developer conference.

Image: Google

As per a blog post, the campus, an expansion of its experimental lab space, includes a quantum-data center, research labs, and the company's home-quantum processor chip manufacturing facilities.

Google aims to offer its quantum-computing services over the cloud and is interested in multi-utility of technology in, say, building more energy-efficient batteries and introducing a new fertiliser-making process that emits less carbon dioxide.

"To continue this journey towards the useful error-corrected quantum computer and provide humanity with a new tool tuned to the way nature works, we’re assembling an amazing team to invent the future of computing together right here, right now, at Google’s Quantum AI campus," the blog reads.

A quantum computer uses quantum bits, or qubits, which represent and store information in a quantum state (mix of zero and one).

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