Google I/O 2021: Dermatology assist tool showcased, to help get info about common skin condition using smartphone camera

At the opening day of Google I/O 2021, Google showcased new AI-powered "dermatology assist" tool, which is aimed at helping smartphone users get more information about common skin conditions. Considering that photography doesn't always represent people's skin color accurately, the tech giant admits to developing cameras to better represent a person's features more accurately, including facial and body features.

The tool is easy to use. Once launched on a smartphone, it helps users detect issues related to skin, nails, and hair by taking three images from different angles using the camera. Once the images are uploaded, users will be asked questions about their skin type, duration of your concern, symptoms, etc to find the required solutions to the problems.

GIF: Google

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) model analyses the information given by the user and gives him/her the list of potentially matching conditions from its knowledge bank of 288 conditions. A user can further research about the given conditions. It will show dermatologist-reviewed information and answers of the FAQs related to matching conditions, along with similar matching images from the web.

Google says the tool is for everyone. "Our model accounts for factors like age, sex, race, and skin types — from pale skin that does not tan to brown skin that rarely burns. We developed and fine-tuned our model with de-identified data encompassing around 65,000 images and case data of diagnosed skin conditions, millions of curated skin concern images, and thousands of examples of healthy skin — all across different demographics," the blog reads.

The project has been under development for three years and Google hopes to launch a pilot program later this year.

Recently, the AI model that powers the tool successfully passed clinical validation. It has also been CE marked as a Class I medical device in the European Union.

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