COVID-19 vaccination: How to reschedule an appointment, download vaccination certificate

Despite COVID-19 vaccination registration being thrown open to every citizen in the 18-44 age bracket over half a month ago, there still exist several doubts among the masses. The most vital questions are regarding registration for a vaccination appointment itself (which you can read about here). Then are those who want to know if it is possible to set an alert for available vaccination slots or if, due to unforeseen circumstances, it’s possible to reschedule a vaccination appointment. In this piece, we’ll answer both those queries and take you through how you can download your vaccination certificate online.

How to reschedule an appointment for COVID-19 vaccination

On the FAQ section of the CoWIN portal, “You can reschedule your appointment at any location." You can reschedule your vaccination appointment by producing the ID you used to register. Alternatively, you can reschedule or cancel the appointment online by following the link in the reminder text message or email you received, 48 hours before the scheduled appointment.” Those wanting to reschedule an appointment can also dial 211.

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Set an alert to know when a COVID-19 vaccination slot is available

Several bot services have emerged online, which are designed to help the masses book their vaccination appointment. Bots such as, and help users find out the next available vaccination slot as well as the nearest vaccination centre, and alert users via text, messengers or email about slot availability. However, do note these bots merely provide information on availability of a slot or a vaccination centre near you, and the actual booking will still have to be done by a user via the CoWIN portal. Read more about these bots here.

How to download COVID-19 vaccination certificate

Once you return from the vaccination centre, you will be able to download your vaccination certificate from the Aarogya Setu app. After your first visit to the centre, you will receive a message that reads “1st dose of Covaxin/Covishield is successful” on your registered mobile number. This message will also contain a link that redirects you to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare website, from where you can download the certificate after logging in. Additionally, you can download your vaccination certificate from the Aarogya Setu app by following these steps.

Step 1
Tap on the Aarogya Setu app on your phone.
Step 2
Under the CoWin tab, tap on ‘Vaccination Certificate’.
Step 3
A prompt asks you to type in the beneficiary reference ID allotted to you at the time of vaccination registration.
Step 4
Tap on ‘Get Certificate’ to download your vaccination certificate.

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