Google to pull the plug on its shopping app in the coming weeks for both iOS and Android: Report

Google is closing its shopping app. In a few weeks, the shopping app will shut down and only the shopping website will remain existent. As reported by 9to5Google, the company is going to take the shopping app down from both iOS and Android. In a statement to the publication, Google said that all of the features that are available in the app will be offered in the shopping tab.

Image: Google

As per the report, a ‘Something Went Wrong’ message started appearing on 9 April in version 59 of the app. The message is appearing to users after updating the app via the play store. The tech giant will be able to conserve its resources by scrapping the shopping app because it is similar to the website. The report further mentioned that most of the Google users visit ‘Search’ to look for products and they then filter the results through the shopping tab.

The difference between the two platforms is that the app has a bottom bar instead of a navigation drawer which is present on the website. The app has been built using Flutter. In Google Shopping, recommended products are displayed in the home feed. The saved section has the products that you have saved using your Google account.

With the cart feature, users can purchase their products while Google shopping users are also informed of the updates and promotions through the notification tab.

Google has also said that it will continue to build features in the shopping tab. They added that features will be added to other Google surfaces for shopping including the Google app.

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