Google Doodle shows its appreciation for all healthcare workers for their service

A year after we heard about the novel coronavirus, India is currently facing a second tsunami of rising cases. Lack of oxygen, shortage of hospital beds and vital medicines are just some of the national issues that our healthcare workers are facing. Not to mention they are constantly being surrounded by death, disgruntled relatives and tensed families, overcrowded hospitals, long working hours and even hospital fires. Another section of the scientific community that is working just as hard while not being in the public eye is the researchers. Pushing their research to the background, most scientists are working towards newer vaccines and improving existing ones, sequencing the virus DNA, following the mutations.

It is only right that we bow down to the nurses, doctors, researchers and other healthcare workers that are working round the clock to provide Indian citizens with the very best healthcare facilities with the limited resources they have. To honour them, Google created a special Google Doodle for India, thanking all the public health workers and researchers in the scientific community.

The Doodle shows the letter 'G' sending love to the letter 'E' who is acting as a researcher. It is wearing a pair of glasses and is surrounded by books and a globe. In the background, one can see two graphs - the left graph signifies a peak/surge in coronavirus cases and the right graph shows that cases plateauing.

Last year, Google spent a year thanking and appreciating all essential service workers who worked through the pandemic. The doodles paid their respect to various sectors like farming, grocery divisions, healthcare, researchers, and food services. One doodle also portrays people who are working from home and teachers who are holding online classes.

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