Google Chrome's latest update relocates recently closed tabs history to search tab

Google Chrome's latest update allows users to view their recently closed tabs history through the search tab itself. The Chrome update will improve the user-friendliness of the browser, facilitate quicker access to closed tabs, and help save time scrolling through Chrome’s history menu. According to the Chrome Story, the newly relocated tab history feature will be included with the latest version of Chrome Canary. The users can quickly ransack through old tabs in case they close them accidentally when paired with the search tab feature.


The new tab restoration method is being viewed as more versatile than using a keyboard shortcut. The keyboard shortcut works like the Undo feature of many apps where it reopens tabs in reverse chronological order.

Accessible via the tab search pop-up menu, the new update will show a list of recently closed tabs and might also enable you to find the tab you need. Another benefit is that it will allow the users to pick any recently closed tab and open it with a quick click, regardless of when it was closed.

The tech giant was recently seen testing the ability to reopen tab groups in Chrome. The users, so, might expect that feature to arrive soon, too.

Image: Chrome Story

The new history relocation update is currently in its testing stages, so the users might have to wait until it debuts for stable functioning. Google has, however, promised to update more features in a shorter time than before, every four weeks as opposed to six weeks.

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