Global Earth Day 2021: How to share Earth Day AR lenses and Bitmoji on Snapchat

Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22 April across the globe. The day is marked as a global call to world leaders, innovators, industry and investment leaders to take action and find solutions to restore our planet. Earth Day is like an event that is celebrated when people take time to appreciate human's connection to the Earth. Because of the pandemic this year too, most Earth Day events will be celebrated online. As we celebrate this day virtually in 2021, Snapchat has introduced a collection of creative tools to help celebrate our planet.

These tools aim at raising awareness of environmental issues among our loved ones. As sustainability and care for the environment are two integral parts of humans, Snapchat has come up with a creative way to say that we all have a part to play to ensure we protect the planet.

Snapchat Earth Day stickers and AR lenses

Here’s how you can celebrate the day on Snapchat creatively:

  • Search ‘Earth Day’ on Snapchat to play with and share AR Lenses created by official Lens Creators Nick Kazakov, Jonah Cohn, Wayne Lambo and other members of the global Snapchat community
  • Search for ‘Happy Earth Day’ Bitmoji on the app to wish your family and friends on Earth Day 2021
  • Various other Bitmojis are also available through which users can share tips like switching off lights and remembering to recycle

Global Earth Day will turn 51 this year, while on the first Earth Day in 1970, 20 million people ran onto the streets in the US, after 3 million gallons of oil spilled off the coast of California in 1969. It was an event that remains to be the largest civic gathering in human history.

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