Google Chrome for Android will now allow users to see a ‘Preview Page’ before opening the link: Report

The latest addition in Google Chrome for Android will now allow users to check out the preview of a page before opening it. As reported by 9to5Google, the update allows users to have a preview option available when they long-press on a link in the web browser. The menu that earlier had options like ‘Open in a new tab,’ ‘Copy Link Address’ among others now also allows users to ‘Preview page.’ The new option has appeared between existing options ‘Open in incognito mode’ and ‘Copy Link Address.’


Once the user selects this option, a preview of the page opens that covers more than 3/4th of the screen. At the top, it has the site icon, domain name, page name along with an option to expand the preview and visit the page or to close it.

The update was introduced on Wednesday, 10 March. Google has been working on this for the last two years, the report added.

The new feature has been introduced through a server-wide update with a stable version of Chrome 89 for Android. The report also mentions that in the desktop version, the updated Chrome 89 will allow web sharing, customisable feeds and a redesigned discover feed.

The new feature will enable users to make a judgment about the page without adding to the already existing group of tabs. It is especially more beneficial for users who use multiple tabs at a time. This update can help them decide whether or not they would like to fully explore a page.

The feature will especially be useful to open tabs in a group.

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