Why Tech2 Innovate Is The Perfect Place To Go Alone This Valentine’s Weekend

It’s the same old existential question every single person faces on Valentine’s Day. Where does he or she go to celebrate a day meant exclusively for couples? We’ve done all the hard work for you so all you need to do is just land up at our recommended place, okay?

All you self-partnered ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Tech2 Innovate, a first-ever youth festival that celebrates popular culture through technology, gadgets, food, music and other innovative tech. Here are just five reasons why you should make your way to this unique festival.

Get inspired by keynote speakers –

With Corning Gorilla Glass being an intrinsic part of the festival, the organisers have got some of the best minds in the business to talk about mobile trends that go beyond just your smartphone screen. Listen as luminaries like John Bayne, Senior VP and GM, Corning Gorilla Glass and Akshay Gupta, Director, Strategic Brand Marketing, Corning Gorilla Glass, enlighten audiences about what the future holds for the tech industry in the next few years.

If that’s not your thing, then do listen to Grammy-award winning producer/ engineer Mark Johnson who started Playing For Change to inspire healing the world through the power of music. For sci-fi lovers, Samit Basu will talk about his books while entrepreneurs can get serious inspiration from MissMalini’s Malini Agarwal and Little Black Book’s Suchita Salwan.

Learn something new at the entertainment zone –

Take yourself to the entertainment zone where you can learn 3D printing, take part in VR cycling and multi-player AR games to get your adrenaline pumping, even try batting in a cricket match or simple choose from different games at the Gaming Arena to spend some quality time with yourself. A quick stroll around the Entertainment Zone is all it’ll take to find your favourite game and enjoy spending time playing it. You can even act like Joey with your food with some sensational dishes on offer.

Share some laughs with stand-up acts –

From the OG of stand-up comedy Tanmay Bhat to YouTube personality Carryminati aka Ajey Nagar, there’s no better place to feel part of a group than with those that can make you laugh. Listen to their stories as well as their jokes while you cheer for them.

Meet your youth icons face to face –

Your favourite Internet sensations are here to thrill you with their stories. From social media star Kusha Kapila to actor Varun Pruthi, TikTok star Muddassir Faisal Shaikh Mr Faisu, Dynamo Gaming aka Aadii Sawant, social media content star TedTheStoner aka Jitendra Sharma, gaming personality Rawknee, TV  actor and TikTok star Sameeksha Sud among others, your favourite personalities are here to talk about themselves from beyond just their handles. We bet you won’t find them together under one roof anytime soon.

Connect with yourself with musical acts –

As the sun sets, the event venue will come alive with beats from some of the most popular artists taking the stage to set the mood for the evening. From rock band Indian Ocean to rap hits by Rajakumari and more music from Ritviz, Karsh Kale, Jasleen Aulakh and artists from Playing For Change, the music promises to make you fall in love with the most important person – yourself.

With so many things to do at a single event, we’re pretty sure your Valentine Day will be well spent in your own company. After all, isn’t that what they say – self love is the best love. Book your tickets here!


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