This Valentine’s Day, surprise your boo with these thoughtful, DIY gifts

I need you boo, I gotta see you boo

And the hearts all over the world tonight

Said the hearts all over the world tonight

Valentine's day is just one day away and by now most of you might be smacking your heads to come up with an intelligent gift idea. Something so brilliant that might sweep your loved one off their feet.

Make your memories LIT! Image: Tech2

So here’s a list of not only cheesy hand-made gifts but also thoughtful presents sprinkled with gadgets to give your partner, to-be partner, loved ones a gift which combines the best of both the digital and analogue worlds.


We keep this love in a photograph

Photographs have become the new-age time capsules which even with a static frame fills us up with nostalgia and memories of the good ol’ days.

So to keep the good memories flowing, you can put up fairy lights and printed photos of your loved one on the wall to celebrate your love.

fairy lights! : pxhere

The portable HP Sprocket Plus Printer is one that comes to mind, which can help you take polaroid-size print out of your favourite photographs. You can just connect your phone via Bluetooth to the Sprocket Plus, select the photos you want to be printed and voila. The photo printer uses ZINK print technology which will ensure that the colours don't degrade. Apart from your phone's camera, you can also select photos from your social media accounts to get those printed.

HP Sprocket Plus Printer: Rs 8,999

If you want to go a bit retro, then there's the instax Cameras by Fujifilm which helps to click pictures as well as print them out. There are various shapes and colours in which the instax cameras come in. If your partner is a Hello-Kitty fan then they’re in for a treat as the company even has a Hello-Kitty shaped instax camera. There’s also an option of buying instant camera films. Fujifilm also has black and white films if you want to go colourless.

Fujifilm instax Hello Kitty Instant Film Camera (Pink): starts Rs 6,547

Films: Black and White pack of 10: starts at Rs 729

The HP Sprocket 2-in-1 also comes with a camera and printer together in two colour options the colour of Valentine’s day aka red and even in black, priced at Rs 7,999

HP Sprocket 2-in-1. Image: HP


If you want to go even more old school then you can even gift the Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable 35mm Camera which is a disposable camera.

Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable 35mm Camera: Rs 1,430

Fujifilm Quicksnap 400 Disposable Camera. Image: Amazon

Speaking from personal experience do not forget to buy the printing paper!

You and your partner can now make a photo booka pop-up box with your photographs and much more.

Put on your director’s hat

Now every couple feels that their love story is unique and can be made into a movie. So here’s your chance. You can now make your own show-reel by using editing tools like Canva, PicsArt, Adobe Spark for creating collages, e-cards and just everything which will be visually appealing.

Image: PicsArt

But if you want to step it up then you can use apps like Splice, Quik, VivaVideo and InShot and if you have a Mac or the iPhone, then you can try out the iMovie app to create timelines of videos and photos.

These are extremely easy to use apps and you can jazz it up by adding music, transitions, text and make it as lovey-dovey and quirky as you like.

I got so inspired while writing this, I might just make one!

Moving beyond photo prints

Customis your gifts. Image:Vistaprint

Stores such as Archies, Red Moments and even online stores like Vistaprint have a bunch of options where you can personalise gift items. The variety ranges from a coffee mug on which you can see your loved one’s face in the morning, to a key chain with your photos and even have a pillow cover printed with your loved one's photo. Although I feel the last bit is taking things too far.

A little bling


If all of this was a narcissism overdose for you, then you can think of getting these cool gifts. Getting a wine bottle for an evening dinner is an old trick. How about making one by yourself? You’ll find a number of Do It Yourself (DIY) tutorials on YouTube to help you make the perfect wine bag using simple materials.

When diamonds get to mainstream

If your bae is into quirky jewellery, how about making personalised bracelets or other accessories? Clueless about how to do it? Well, YouTube is here for your rescue. Follow this link to know about the many techniques of handmade jewellery. Don't have time for it? Then hit up sites such as Pipa Bella and VelvetCase to name a few, which offer a mix of contemporary and traditional items.

Or just go out to your local street fashion markets to get custom made bracelets.

A little bling hurt no one! Image: Pipabella

Fancy a coffee?

For photography and coffee lovers, there is no better gift item than this camera lens coffee mug is an interesting gift item. Just ensure that you don't gift your Nikon loving boo, a Canon branded coffee lens mug.

Brew some Love! Image: Pixabay

So that’s a wrap for this year’s V-Day gifting ideas!


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