OPPO India leads the mid-premium segment with 26.8 % market share

If there’s one thing that separates great tech companies from average ones, it’s the pace of innovation. With mobile technological innovations progressing faster than ever before,the global smart device brand, OPPO has created a formidable reputation for itself.

In fact, 2019 has seen some great technological progress from OPPO globally and in the Indian market. Ever since the advent of the brand’s Reno series in 2019, we have seen some of the most path-breaking features seen in any smartphone. From 10x lossless zoom to night photography, the Reno series has presented some trailblazing features.

Consumers have been quick to pivot and add to OPPO’s success story as well. As per official data from International Data Corporation (IDC), the overwhelming success of the Reno2 series along with its other brands propelled OPPO’s market share in the highly-contested mid-premium smartphone segment to 26.8% in Q4 of 2019. In other words, every fourth mid-premium smartphone bought by an Indian belonged to OPPO in the fourth quarter of 2019.

However, OPPO is not content to rest on its laurels and has set ambitious goals for the current year. Proof of this lies in the recent announcement of the Reno3 Pro’s launch in India with which it’s a given that OPPO will repeat the success of the previous Reno series products. The launch also reaffirms OPPO’s commitment tothe Indian market to bring in the most innovative products.

When OPPO first announced the 10x Hybrid zoom technology in 2019, everyone sat up and took notice of OPPO’s technological prowess. Reno 10x enabled consumers to have a professional-grade camera that they could use on the go. The tagline“engineered for creativity” perfectly captured what the device was capable of doing and perfectly showcased OPPO’s technological capabilities. In August 2019, India witnessed the next edition of theReno devices –the Reno2 series that perfectly embodied productivity and creativityon the go. The Reno2 and Reno2 Z became the first smartphones in the world tofeature a ‘pop-up camera with video bokeh effect’. Coupled with otherenhancements like ultra-steady video and ultra-dark mode, the series wasacomplete package. Through all smartphones in the line-up, the Reno series was effectively able to present a unified and unique package of cutting-edge technology, top of the line hardware and outstanding performance. OPPO also saw a huge year on year growth of 88.4% backed by the formidable Reno Series. The Reno series has always been cherished by Indian consumers and with each successor of the phone breaking new records, it’s only fitting that the expectations from Reno3 Pro are sky-high. From what has been revealed till date, it seems like the upcoming smartphone is already off to a stellar start. The Reno3 Pro is set to debut with a world’s first 44MP+ 2MP dual punch hole camera that promises to offer images and videos par excellence.  

With OPPO’s continued focus on innovation and stunning new features on the Reno3 Pro, they will have another winner on the cards. The Reno3 Pro, like its predecessors, promises to be the perfect amalgamation of innovation, performance and power.

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